Poppy project documentation

Welcome to the manual of the Poppy Project, an open-source robotic platform.

The documentation is organized as follow:

  • Getting Started: an overview on how we use assembled Poppy robots and what we can do with them
  • Assembly guides: probably the next section to read if you are looking forward to assembling your new robot!
  • Installation: deeper look at the software, to see how it can be used in all possible usecases
  • Programming: deeper look at the programming languages compatible with Poppy robots and their APIs

About and contributing

This documentation is maintained by Poppy team and contributors. Do not hesistate to contribute.

This book is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. You are free to copy, modify and redistribute this document under the same license, as long as you give an appropriate credit the the author and point a link to original website docs.poppy-project.org.


This document has been updated on 12/20/2022.

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