Poppy project documentation


Welcome to the manual of the Poppy Project, an open-source robotic platform.

In this documentation, we will try to cover everything from the short overview of what is possible within the project to the details on how you can build a Poppy robot or reproduce one of the pedagogical activity.


In the first chapter, we will give you a simple but exhaustive overview of what you can do within this project, so you can quickly focus on the following chapters that cover what you are really interested in. While some advanced chapters may require a good understanding of mechanics, electronics or computer sciences, the Getting Started section is intended to be easily accessible by all readers.

About and contributing

This documentation is maintained by Poppy team and awesome contributors. If you find mistakes or want to update the document please follow the contributing guidelines.

This book is licensed under the CC-BY 4.0 license. You are free to copy, modify and redistribute this document as long as you give an appropriate credit the the author and point a link to original website docs.poppy-project.org. It is written in markdown, hosted on GitHub, and we use GitBook to generate the website.


This document has been updated on Mar 27th 19.

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