2. Poppy Torso Bill of Material

Checkout the list of components you need and have a look at your own kit to check that nothing is missing. Prepare a clear workbench that you may keep busy for a few days with all of these.

1. Multiarticulated torso BOM

Trunk BOM

3D Printed parts:

  • Chest
  • Spine
  • Double rotation MX28 Set (3 parts)


  • 1x Robotis Dynamixel AX12-A (or AX18-A)
  • 5x Robotis Dynamixel MX28-AT (or MX28-T)

Robotis parts:

  • 5x HN07-N101
  • 3x HN07-I101
  • 1x Bioloid 3P PCB HUB
  • 1x SMPS2Dynamixel
  • 1x 12V power supply
  • 1x USB2AX


  • 1x Circular suction pad + its M6 screw with large head

2. Head BOM option A: Raspberry Pi 3 version, no screen

3D Printed parts:

  • 1x Head face
  • 1x Head back
  • 1x Fake manga screen (replaces Manga screen that is no longer manufactured)
  • 1x Screen support
  • 1x Camera support
  • 1x Speaker left support
  • 1x Speaker right support
  • 1x Neck


  • 1x AX-12 or AX-18


  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3 + its SD card
  • 1x Camera for Raspberry Pi + its flat cable

2. Head BOM option B: Raspberry Pi 4 version, including screen (aka Poppy Eva)

This head version has its own documentation online, please refer to the documentation of Poppy Eva for the assembly and software configuration.

3. Tools

Please note that you will also need:

  • an external computer running Linux Windows or MacOS
  • screwdrivers (crosshead and Torx)
  • tweezer
  • hot glue

4. STL files for poppy Torso 3D printing

If you are in the process of 3D-printing the parts from this BOM by yourselves, download the latest STL files from:

In order to clone these repositories, please use git lfs to retrieve assets such as 3D parts and images. By cloning the repositories with git only, the assets would appear to be corrupted/invalid files.

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