Whatever you want to do, all section below suppose that you have a Zeroconf client / Bonjour installed on your computer. It is not mandatory but otherwise, you will be on your robot IP address.

Poppy project is vast, there are a lot of installation paths depending on what you want to do.

You want to install a tangible Poppy robot

Poppy creatures are controlled by a small embedded computer: a Raspberry Pi or an Odroid board. The operating system of this computer is hosted on a SD card (you can also use an MMC for the Odroid).

You have two possible states:

  • You already have a pre-burned SD card with the Poppy operating system (provided by Generation Robots). You have nothing to install, you are ready to go to the assembly section. This is the most common case.
  • You have an empty SD-card, so you have to download and write the operating system on the SD card.

If you are a Linux rocky and want to try yourself our unstable install scripts, you can go the install a poppy board chapter.

You want to try Poppy robots in a simulator or in a web viewer

You want to do some advanced stuff with a tangible robot

If you want to install yourself the system of the Poppy robots with our unstable install script:

If you want to control a tangible robot from your personal computer, you have to:

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