Overview of projects developed by the community

The Poppy community gathers an interdisciplinary community of beginners and experts, scientists, educators, developers and artists. Various and interdisciplinary robotic creations have emerged. Some of them are illustrated below.

School of Moon

The School of moon play has been created by the contemporary dance company Shonen lead by the choreographer Eric Minh Cuong Castaing.

The stage is shared by children, two dancers (Gaëtan Brun Picard and Ana Pi), 3 Nao robots and two Poppy Humanoid robots. This play is a metaphor of the creation of a post-humanity in three acts: the Man, the Man and the machine, and the machine.

The representations are localized, meaning that the children dancing come from the local town. They also are specific sequences depending on the robots existing in the city.

The artistic challenges are:

  • Directing children on stage
  • Having interaction between humans and robots on stage
  • Having robots on stage

The creation was focused on 4 time periods:

  • 2 weeks of residence in September 2015 in CDC of Toulouse (France)
  • 2 weeks of residence in KLAP of Marseille (France) in December 2015
  • 4 weeks of residence in Ballet National de Marseille (France) in January 2016
  • 2 weeks of residence in Düsseldorf (Germany)

Cherry Project

The Cherry project is a community project to develop scenarios regarding breaking isolation of children at the hospital.

This project uses Poppy robot as a companion for hospitalized children in primary school. Cherry can compensate a social rupture during hospitalization. It mediates between the child, his friends, his family and teachers and can talk to him or play some games.

It also acts on a pedagogical level, to encourage the child to interact with the school, by offering quizzes and educational games.

One last prospect is to assist the hospital staff in the therapeutic education. Indeed, sometimes a message is more acceptable by the child if it is issued by the robot rather than an adult dressed as a physician.

More information:

Connect Poppy and Arduino thanks to Snap4Arduino

Gilles, teacher and maker at night, has developed many projects based on the Poppy Ergo Jr and Arduino. For connecting both worlds, it uses Snap4arduino. Then, it becomes really easy and elegant to make them communicate. You can simply mix Arduino with Poppy blocks and tadam you can control your robot with any Arduino based sensor.

Then the only limitation is your creativity! For instance, you can make Poppy Ergo Jr plays TicTacToe:

The detailed documentation can be found in the section Control Poppy with Arduino

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