Electronic assembly

Insert the microSD card in the Raspberry Pi

Make sure you use a pre-configured micro SD-card. If it not the case, you have to "burn" your micro-SD card with the ergo-jr ISO image, this is described in the startup section.

Insert the micro-SD card inside the Raspberry Pi: push the micro-SD in the connector slot until you hear a "click" sound. Raspberry Pi micro-SD

Assemble the pixl board

The pixl board is available for purchase at Generation robot

Pixl board allow to power up the Raspberry Pi from 7.5V DC power or battery and communicate with XL-320 motors.

Plug the pixl at the end of Raspberry Pi headers. pixl

Once the pixl is plugged (and not before), you can plug the DC power and the motors wire. pixl

You need to switch off the power supply of the Pixl board before to put in or to take off the Pixl board of the Raspberry pi. Otherwise, you risk to burn the power converter of the Pixl board.

You can now configure your motors.

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