2. Poppy Torso Bill of Material

Checkout the list of components you need and have a look at your own kit to check that nothing is missing. Prepare a clear workbench that you may keep busy for a few days with all of these.

1. Multiarticulated torso BOM

Trunk BOM

3D Printed parts:

  • Chest
  • Spine
  • Abdomen
  • Double rotation MX64 Set (3 parts)
  • Double rotation MX28 Set (3 parts)


  • 1x Robotis Dynamixel AX12-A (or AX18-A)
  • 5x Robotis Dynamixel MX28-AT (or MX28-T)
  • 2x Robotis Dynamixel MX64-AT (or MX64-T)

Robotis parts:

  • 5x HN07-N101
  • 3x HN07-I101
  • 2x HN05-N102
  • 2x HN05-I102
  • 1x Bioloid 3P PCB HUB
  • 2x SMPS2Dynamixel

Motor configuration:

  • 1x 12V power supply
  • 1x USB2AX

2. Head BOM (Raspberry Pi 3 version)

3D Printed parts:

  • 1x Head face
  • 1x Head back
  • 1x Fake manga screen (flat fake screen if no actual screen is mounted)
  • 1x Screen support
  • 1x Camera support
  • 1x Speaker left support
  • 1x Speaker right support
  • 1x Neck


  • 1x AX-12 or AX-18


  • 2x Speaker
  • 1x Audio amp
  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3 + its SD card

3. Tools

Please note that you will also need:

  • an external computer running Linux Windows or MacOS
  • screwdrivers (crosshead and Torx)
  • tweezer
  • hot glue

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