Zeroconf / Bonjour

Zeroconf also called Bonjour (name of Apple implementation) is set of technologies that allow more easily communication between computers without configuration. To be short:

  • It makes able to reach the robot on your local network without having to know its IP address
  • It makes able to connect the robot to your computer directly with an Ethernet wire without using a router, and without a DHCP server.

Zeroconf is not mandatory on your computer to use Poppy robots, it is strongly recommended, and the documentation will assume it is installed. Otherwise replace all poppy.local occurrences by the IP address of the robot given by your router.



You have to install Bonjour print services for Windows (yes, it is an Apple software).

If you already have installed an Apple Software like iTunes or QuickTime, Bonjour should be installed.

Times to times, even if Bonjour is already installed on your computer you can't connect directly to your Ergo Jr. To solve the issue, un-install and re-install Bonjour.

On GNU/Linux based operating systems

On GNU/Linux, you have to install avahi-daemon (mDNS) and avahi-autoipd (IPv4LL), it may or may not be installed by default depending on your installation.

On Ubuntu/Debian, run

sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon avahi-autoipd

On Fedora / CentOS, run

sudo yum install avahi-daemon avahi-autoipd

To connect to your robot directly with an Ethernet wire, you need to select local link only on the IPv4 configuration of your Network manager.


Bonjour is already installed with OSX. Moreover, if you plan to connect your computer directly to the robot (without a router), use a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter rather than a USB to Ethernet

You ready to follow your installation path.

What Zeroconf does for you

Local domain name (mDNS)

Zeroconf client publishes a decentralized local domain name (mDNS) with the '.local' top level domain. It means that you can join any local local computer by its hostname with the '.local' suffix instead of its IP address.

With a zeroconf client, to ping a computer called (hostname) 'ergojr', you can simply do:

$ ping ergojr.local
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=54 time=3.14 ms

You no longer need to look for its IP address on your local network; you don't even need to understand what an IP address is.

It also work on your web browser. To open the website hosted on the robot computer called 'ergojr', you have to open: http://ergojr.local on your favorite web browser URL field.

Among other Zeroconf tools, there is an implementation of decentralized DHCP (IPv4LL), which allow computers obtain an IP and connect each others without a DHCP server.

The auto-adressed IP is in the APIPA range, from to

You can plug a robot to your computer directly on your computer with an Ethernet cable, without any router and connect it with its local domain name (hostname.local).

You will be able to use the local-link IPv4 address only if you installed your robots after end of May 2016. Previously avahi-autoipd packet was missing.

Alternatives to find the IP address of a computer on your local network

If you cannot (or doesn't want to) install a zeroconf client on your personal computer, you can use one of the following methods to find the IP address of your robot.

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